Molsa Molsa’ is the coming-out ball of the psychedelic group Ocellot, a band who with only one EP were able to conquer the interest of specialised critics and the general public. With this new work, the band who are currently based in Barcelona, have perfected the very root of their music, bringing more consistency and personality to the basic but enveloping dose of psychedelia found in the loops characteristic to their music.
Amongst the principal features of this new album one can appreciate a special devotion to a sound inspired by the psychedelic and baroque nature of 1960s pop music, but interpreted in a very current way. The new formation is made up of guitar and vocals, synthesisers and a good dosage of ethnical instruments. The rhythmic base is constructed upon an original baseline, classic drums and electronic pads. This formation allows the music of Ocellot to take on a whole new dimension when played live: more volume, intense, gliding and hypnotic. The vocals are a basic element of Ocellot’s music and even when sung in Catalan or English, they are always treated with the same captivating intention.
When we try to compare the music of Ocellot to that of other bands, we realise that it’s necessary to look further afield in order to do it with a certain critique. This makes us realise that we are faced with a work that is both innovating and risk-taking. Despite everything, this is a charming album, where the word ‘experiment’ isn’t used to make the audience more distant, but instead to make them dance pulling them closer and closer until they are completely absorbed into the music.