“Llamp de Déu” (God’s lightning) doesn’t come from nothingness. Everyone knows that. Look it up in an encyclopedia. There was life on earth before man showed up, and the galaxy is a collection of millions of stars, clouds made of gas and dust, colliding materials and transfonnations and collapses. Rites of Spring, Embrace, Cap’n Jazz, Algernon Cadwallader, Promise Ring (the pre pre-Very Emergency era), The Get up Kids (Woodson, Four Minute Mile), Alias Records (Knapsack, Archers of Loaf), Hot Water Music, Against Me!, Jawbreaker, Leatherface. There has to be a centre point in this universe. A major force which absorbs ‘Llamp de Déu’ and which marks the outer limit through which nothing can escape. It has to be amazing. The tree of life. The holy grail. Something like that. But I can’t tell you what it is. I’ve never seen the centre. I only see from the outside and I only see the horizon, a horizon of events.
The album. approaches a familiar place, but at the point when it should touch the surface, it doesn’t. It slowly approaches but it never completely disappears. L’Hereu Escampa have the quality of the big groups, reminding you of all the good things but always staying true to themselves. Lyrics which say, ‘the eternal life which slips through our fingers, ‘the smell of summer in your hair, ‘the union of colours light up the meadows, ‘I take a sip-it’s very cold-i take in air-for what’s to come’ or ‘everything I have is useless’. Exaltation, enthusiasm, emotion. Rhythm and structure changes. Rapid combustion which could produce an explosion. Energy and lots of it. L’Hereu Escampa is the group I would have liked to have formed. And another thing, there runs through it a line so unusual that it cannot be measured or counted. First it presents itself in a way which is clearly recognisable and then afterwards, internally and in the context of the melody, the activity and feeling it creates is stronger and more intense. It’s that thing that I like about music. I don’t know what it’s called, but I know what it does to you. And where it ends up taking you. It’s always the same. It makes your soul go crazy with happiness. It’s the further development of what had started in Spain with Zeidun’s 001 EP but thst had been interrupted. Summer revolution in Vic. The most beautiful tradition. (Jordi Sanglas, 2013)

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