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Standing up isn’t only dependent on feet. To do it, various forces spread out through the different muscles which make up a balanced body, thus allowing said body to move independently. When you start walking, certain parts of your body have to relinquish responsibility in order to move forward coherently. It’s often very easy to forget the amount of elements at work during this process and, when you take time to stop and think, you realise that you are not just a brain, but also lungs, a heart, skin and a shadow. This is more or less the same process that Heather have gone through when creating their debut album. Having taken a step back to understand how they move, they’ve been able to see how united they are and how each member has their own role. They’ve also seen how external forces have come together in a way which has helped their songs grow: all this in exchange for an almost conscious loss of control. It is precisely this feeling of Union which has given the name to Heather’s first LP. This is a meditative and pensive album which sees life’s colours present themselves and which incorporates into its lyrics references that go from the songs of Lole y Manuel to the texts of Georges Perec. As far as sound goes, the different influences on each member of the group materialise in new bright and dynamic tracks; influences such as the Smiths or Pale Saints which pass through more contemporary filters such as Institute or Protomartyr. When they realized how the project could be enriched by opening the door to new collaborators, they decided to treat their first single, Distance, in a special way. The starting point was sharing the track with 12 different artists, and asking them to interpret it visually. With the material generated by these external agents, the group was then able to construct a digital exhibition by the same name (unionbyheather.org) and which would culminate in the audiovisual piece which accompanies the single: twelve different points of view seeking shelter under one umbrella
of sound.

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