Our love for Angel and Lluís has been infinite ever since the day we met so when they told us they had a group we couldn’t say no. We’re weak when it comes to good material and this really is meaty. Lots of meat, sobrassada and other things that we like so much (even more so after Xavi and Biel were incorporated into the band). They have formed in a time when new groups are disbanding and where everything seems to expire prematurely, but they have no want to hurry. Nor expire. Da Souza are from Mallorca and the beach is evident. The sun comes comes out in almost every song on their debut “Flors i Violència”, which is made up of 7 new tracks alongside 4 remastered ones which featured on a cassette edited by the same label last May. A good compilation of songs make up a very serious debut which features lyrics which are playful, cryptic and, in some cases, harsh but vitalistic in their majority. The rhythms which make you nod your head, as well as the sensation of clapping along to the drum beat reveal their surroundings: they are the winning combination of everything that surrounds them. The capacity that Da Souza have to transform a song is enviable. To see how a riff which points to a hit from another decade ends in an experiment where synthesizers and falsetto voices take protagonism is simply amazing. In the music that this quartet make everything goes. Repetition is one of its main attributes. It is said that a lie which is repeated 100 times becomes a truth so what happens when a truth is repeated time and again? The answer is Da Souza: welcome to reality.

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